Owner Review

2004 BMW 3 30i

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My BMW 330i is the epitome of what BMW stands for. Sports and luxury rolled into one no compromise saloon car!

Perfectly balanced with near fifty-fifty weight distribution, this BMW 330i sedan gets moving with 170kW and 300Nm of torque. Acceleration figures near match the local V8s of its time! The best of the engine is brought out by the excellent five-speed Steptronic gearbox with sports and manual mode.

This is highlighted not only in spirited day to day driving but even on a track. With no modification, the 330i is able to keep up with any entry level track cars such as Lotuses, Subaru WRXs and Mazda Miatas. Only the slightly excessive body roll is evidence of the car's luxurious other side.

On the road, it is extremely comfortable and economical. Running cheap 91RON fuel the 330i averages around 9.5L/100km on Aussie suburban roads. Spoiling it with the recommended 98RON fuel can bring consumption down to as low as 8.5L/100km averaged.

Equipment includes memory power leather seats, wood-grain, multi-function steering wheel, xenon headlights, a huge sunroof, park sensors, navigation and television, climate control, bluetooth, auto wipers and lights, trip computer, traction control, premium sound, one touch power windows and a rear sun blind. In this respect, value is unmatched by anything on the road.

Parts are cheap from aftermarket suppliers and the car is simple enough to be fixed easily, as long as you avoid the “BMW tax” that some mechanics charge! Basic servicing costs match Japanese alternatives like a Corolla or Lancer! However, it does seem to suffer more problems than the average Corolla, which fulfils the European car stereotype.

Name any other car with the same combination of sports, luxury, practicality and economy for twenty grand. There was no justifiable alternative to the BMW 330i.