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2004 Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6 review

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Yes it’s an Alfa, yes it's expensive to maintain and yes it's greedy on petrol... but it’s pure class! You really need to own one to realise the pure joy of owning an Alfa Romeo. The sound of the 3.0-litre V6 Busso engine is marvellous. The 166 does come with different types of engines, but the V6 Sportronic is the best.

The 10-speaker system sounds awesome, just like you're at the theatre. I bought my car at 78000km and now have travelled to 103000km with no dramas. As long as you keep up the service points the car seems to be fine. Mine had full service history as well.

These cars are for the connoisseur. People with class who don’t want to be seen in an Aldi or BMW or Mercedes drive an Alfa Romeo. You really have to look for genuine Alfa mechanics to service the car, as it’s not worth the risk of letting some inexperienced mechanic work on your car. This is even if they say, "Yeah I know Alfa’s."

I would take it to a reputable Alfa Romeo dealer or Mechanic. Also parts are very expensive or hard to get when something fails. The heater core is going to need to be watched as it goes at about 50000km. I was lucky to have had it already replaced by the previous owner, but that’s enough about that.

So basically it’s like a labour of love. No they aren’t the fastest cars either, but they make up for all their little faults with all the joy you get from this car. It's a pure joy to drive with the lovely purr of the Busso engine that makes this car! The seats have the Alfa logo embroidered into the leather - the badge with all the history of race-bred machines. The car was originally $83,000 back in 2004 but lost so much value in the first few years as the flagship vehicle.

I love my Alfa Romeo 166 2004 V6 Sportronic, and will most probably own it until it dies, as I could never sell it unless someone provided me an offer I couldn’t refuse. The only thing I would change is the brakes, as they could be a bit more gripping. Upgrades to brake pads a good idea.