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2003 Toyota Landcruiser Prado GXL (4x4) Review

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Excellent reliability an durability are the features of this vehicle, at 440,000 country km's, and vibration, it has handled it all gracefully.

Fuel economy isn't like the new one's, but it's low maintenance requirements- beyond oil changes and timing belt, balance those to some degree!

When we purchased our Prado we were the second owners, at 80,000km. Our fourth child had arrived and the family needed more space. Since then we have added 360,000km totalling 440,000km.
Fuel economy and power stayed constant until 420,000km when we replaced the injector pump and injectors, when dyno'd at that time it was spot on the original power curve!

It has endured constant country gravel and dirt roads with all that they come with along with many Nullarbor trips at Christmas in up to 52 degrees! They screaming children never relented norther did it's air conditioner or reliability.

More recently the front driver seat feel to be less resilient but if average total speed of 80km do the life of the vehicle that is 5750 hrs behind the steering wheel that is enough to tire many industrial machines these days.

All the knobs and switches are in place and haven't been dislodged or broken from 4 inquisitive young minds- re our children. That is an achievement in comparison what they are capable of doing in other makes of vehicles!

Tests of life like that and, the constant refusals of it to consume any oil are things that cannot be assessed when official vehicle reviews are compiled.

Our family may have a good one, but it has been good to us!