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2003 Toyota LandCruiser GXL (4x4) review

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This a totally awesome vehicle. It's excellent for long trips with great comfort and plenty of power.

I picked mine up second-hand with 300,000 kms on the clock and she still drives like a new car. It has a had a suspension upgrade as well as a three-inch exhaust.

The 1HDFTE is an awesome motor, very reliable and with heaps of grunt. It makes 4WDing very easy. As you would expect, this is an extremely capable off-road vehicle. I was actually surprised how easy it does the hard stuff. All in all, an awesome vehicle...

After my 3.0-litre Nissan blew up, I asked for the best diesel ever built and everyone said go for the 1HDFTE, so this is the car I bought. I have not looked back.

I travel about 2000km a month and it is a pleasure to drive this car.

Not being a fan of auto transmissions, I am very impressed with the five-speed auto 'box in this beast of a car. The auto is awesome on the sand and soft ground and it actually makes off-roading pretty damn easy.

The dual batteries are great to run my fridge and keep my beer cold!

Looking forward to some outback travelling and Cape York trips. My old Nissan did not make it back from Cape York, but I am sure the Toyota LandCruiser will!

Oh, and dont be fooled by the looks of the wagon. The suspension is very good and has a lot more flex than people think. The front torsion bars are wound up and wheel alignment done.

The interior is very spacious as well. She's a seven-seater with leather upholstery. Seats are comfortable and everything is laid out well.

I have added a Kenwood jukebox to get my connectivity up to date: Bluetooth, USB, et cetera.

The headlights aren't the best, but all in all she is a beast of a car, reliable and good on fuel. I think I average about 8km to the litre, which is not too bad.