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2003 Mini Cooper SS Review

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I'm the 3rd owner of this car. The 1st owner did most of the km then the 2nd owner only did 5000km. It has a tight feel to it. Gearbox and steering was tight. It was what I was looking for.

A liquid yellow 2003 MINI Cooper S R53. I use it specifically for racing. Completely stock but keeps up with all the BMWs. I'm not kidding you but I beat an F10 M5 on one of the track days. I can use my car on the road but don't choose to because it's hard getting in and out because of the roll cage.

Overall if you're thinking of buying one. Don't even hesitate. The MINI world is amazing. When you buy a MINI it's like joining a family. I'm part of a Facebook group with 10000+ MINI owners all over the world and they help with anything. The hardest job yet on the car was the bushes at the front.

You have to take the whole front sub frame to get to them. So we put lifetime ones on so we never have to do it again. It's just fun to have a little car like the MINI nothing compares to it. Nothing has the power like it and nothing has the steering like it. It hugs corners like you'd never believe.

It's just an amazing car. Even without any mods. I would recommend anyone to buy a MINI the R53s had the best reliability and the best sound. The pop and the gurgle from the exhaust is what you want to hear in the morning.