Lexus Rx330 2003 sports luxury
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2003 Lexus RX330 Sports Luxury review

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I bought this car when it was about six months old. I wanted a car that was quiet and comfortable, but also all-wheel drive and could tow considerable loads on tandem trailers over rough, steep, boggy or rocky terrain.

I knew it was a big ask of a car that most owners would probably not even take off-road, but amazingly it has handled this kind of treatment for 13 years and never ceases to amaze me. I was never concerned about resale value, so I never stressed about dents and abrasions from trees and rocks etc.

The plan was just to enjoy the comfort and convenience of one car that could do everything I required and drive it until it died. I have learnt that these cars are so well built and over-engineered that waiting for them to die is easier said than done.

So, now I'm driving a car that looks like it has been hit by a train. Now when other motorists see me coming behind them, they just move out of the way fearing that I might move them out of the way. It is now looking so bad that seagulls couldn't be bothered even pooing on it any more.

Despite everything it has been through, it is still extremely quiet to drive and everything still works. The Mark Levinson sound system is amazing. It has electric everything, sat-nav, rain-sensing headlight washers, big comfy seats, electric tailgate, and side airbags.

In recent times, I have gone on several extreme 4WD trips and had no problem keeping up with other more serious-looking 4WDs, much to the amazement of others on the trips.

This car has never let me down and never required any repairs other than normal servicing. I didn't bother getting it serviced for the last 60,000km thinking it would surely die soon, but it hasn't. It has now done about 250,000km.

It has black leather seats with black and white dog hair accents and dried-mud-effect carpets, which blends perfectly with the dog snot effect on the windows.

Anyway, I'm thinking of selling it now because I'm sick of waiting for it to die. If you're interested in seeing it, come on a really dark night, and preferably with flat batteries in your torch and without your glasses.