Ford Falcon 2003 xr6
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2003 Ford Falcon XR6 review

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The Falcon was bought as a cheap daily driver, upgrading from a 2009 diesel Astra.

Originally purchased as a temporary car, while my classic car is being restored and upgraded, the missus has since decided that we should keep the BA Falcon and sell her Astra instead.

Being a Phantom Purple XR6, the paint on the roof and bonnet are faded and looking a bit shabby, although looks do not matter.

The 2003 XR6 is a spacious car and has plenty of room for almost any size of person. As I have a family, consisting of my partner and our 2 year old daughter, the Falcon comfortably holds us and two other adult passengers without it being a squeeze. Long trips are no worry in the Falcon.

The cloth trim makes it easy to clean up mess that any parent knows will happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them.

Being a 2003 model with a colour ICC unit, it has ease of use with clear and simple controls, although it is lacking in a few areas mainly due to lack of connectivity.

The sound system needs an upgrade so that everyone outside the car can hear your music while cruising around town in a convoy of five (or more) car loads of your mates.

Being an older car the BA Falcon has no AUX port or Bluetooth as standard, which limits you to CDs for your own personal music choices.

Being an "in shed" tradie it has been a perfectly practical car for what I use it for. The falcon gets driven everyday to and from my work, which is over 35 minutes each way. So far it has not missed a beat. When I get home from work the Falcon is usually not off for over an hour before it's back on the road doing pick ups and drop offs around town.

Being a Falcon and a model widely used for taxi's you can be rest assured that, given the correct maintenance, the Falcon will comfortably go around the clock at least once.

Future models of the Falcon improved on the very successful BA Falcon, and being a well-loved car and an Aussie icon, we will likely continue seeing the Falcon on our roads for centuries into the future (although it is a shame they aren't new ones!)

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