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I had looked a purchasing this Toyota Corolla because of their well known reputation of efficiency and reliability.

I love my little Corolla. For my first winter of driving I threw on some beefy little studded tires and it blew through all the snow and maintained grip at all times.

It is so comfy to sit in in my opinion and I love how peppy it is in my opinion. I like that it has a good sized trunk and is easy to maintain.

I bought this car with 167000km and it know has 200000km and it still runs perfect. I really enjoy this car and know that it will last for many many years to come. I'm hoping to mile it out and reach 500000km or maybe 600000km on this little 1.8L engine.

This car has such good reliability it always starts and never lets me down. I have to say with almost no doubt my next car will be a newer Corolla I've just enjoyed this car so much.

I would like to pass my recommendation to others looking for a little reliable car or a first time car to purchase a Corolla.