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2002 Toyota Corolla Review

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This car is so reliable. I have come across no problem what-so-ever except that the clutch has worn over the years. The torque of the car is exceptional. When in 5th gear and going higher speed limits like anything over 100 kilometres per hour the revs because pretty high (4000 - 5000 revs). This unfortunately this sucks the fuel when going on long distance trips. For a around town car it is the best you can get. Without a doubt a perfect "first car" car. I get everything I want out of this car and more. When I treat it like a low rider cool car, I don't know what it is but the whole feel of the car and the ride changes to suit. Similarly to when I drive it like it is a serious performance car. The car seems to almost change engine from a 4 cylinder to a V8! I love the feel of this car. Its durable, its reliable, its cheap to run, and its just fun. The inside of the car is out of date unfortunately. There is no stock AUX port, but there is a disc player, radio player and a tape player all in the centre console. The stock speakers play well, however when the sound gets to a certain loudness parts of the car rattle and ruins the sound (parts like; seat belts and pens. ect) There is a fair bit of boot space and room for a wheelchair in the back (provided its folded up). The air conditioning is the best you can get. I personally believe that you can't beat a Toyota air-con and this cars air-con only proves my theory more correct. All in all this car is a superb first car and I stand by it full heartedly.