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2001 Nissan Patrol Ti (4x4) Review

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I am a 18 year old boy living in Melbourne and the very proud owner of a 2001 Patrol. I brought this 2 years ago with 50,000kms on the clock. I decided I was going to try beef it up to be the ultimate off roader. With a huge 4.8L V8 diesel, it not shy with the performance. It gets me out of most tricky situations with ease.

When I bought it, it had no accessories at all, I added a ARB front & rear bumper + winch and gave it a 4" lift. Tuned the engine to about 300kW and 700Nm, I put 35's on it with a -44 offset(+air lockers). Also put side sliders on with & a roof cargo carrier in, where I usually store fuel, skid plates etc. I have had to change a few things for it to cope with the upgraded power!
Alright enough with the mods....

One thing that I found disappointing was the technology and connectivity. It is horribly old fashioned and rough. although I've put a 5" LCD screen in the infotainment area, I still am tired of the dated interior. I feel this is a weak point in this vehicle. Other than that I think this car is a top machine.
The 5 speed manual is pretty easy to live with, maybe a little harder in the tricky situations, so I can't really fault this.

Overall this is a very good car, it gets me from A to B with having as much fun as possible. I don't usually take the Patrol into the city as the tyres would have a bit of a hard time. It also rides pretty well considering the lift, tyres and other accessories.