Nissan Maxima 2001 s
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2001 Nissan Maxima S review

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Hello everyone! My name is Kenny and this is my review about the A33 Nissan Maxima. It is a model that I personally fell in love with, and essentially (in my view) it's a forgotten classic in a soon to be forgotten category. Hence this review is to remind every CarAdvice reader of the importance of 4-door sports cars with rear spoilers.

Long story short, the two things that are worth raving to the world about in the A33 Nissan Maxima (in particular the 2001 with the old logo type, like mine), is the quietly brilliant sculptured looks and the mighty 3.0-litre naturally aspirated V6.

Firstly with the looks. As you know where younger people first looks for the front, older people tend to first observe the back side. Don't ask me why, but that's the way biology works. We are lucky that in Australia we get the Japanese version built at Nissan's Oppama factory, and trust me, it's the good looking one from all angles.

The Americans, on the other hand, felt like they had been short-changed because the grille and the rear lights actually seemed like cancer cells on an otherwise very capable athlete.

All in all, the A33 was designed by a guy named Jerry, and in my view, Mr Jerry Hirshberg certainly did a very good job with the side profile and the spoiler on the Maxima. That is really what makes it worth loving; the magnificent factory rear spoiler. Yes, the Maxima must come with an aerodynamically unnecessary standalone rear spoiler, because that is what makes it a truly lovable sports car.

Without the spoiler, you get a bland Bert Newton. With the spoiler, suddenly you have Mark Wahlberg. That's as close as I can put it in terms of describing the critical importance of the rear spoiler looks on the A33 Maxima.

Now, to the engine. Prior to 2002, all models had the old logo and fewer engine bay electronic gremlins that prevented it from starting. Post 2001, with the new Nissan logo, the engine electronics became temperamental and could sometimes give you a very hard time commanding it to start at all. But either way, once it's started, the VQ30DE-K engine will definitely reward you for your companionship.

I couldn't be happier around any roundabout than in my A33 Nissan Maxima of MY01. It gives you your expected V6 grunt with sheer power in a linear, yet punchy, delivery.

Other than the above, I'm not really gonna dive in too much about other stuff like the interior, and things like the cabin's Noise, Vibration and Harshness refinement. Because, I mean, it's 2001 tech, so let's not look back on things that we can't change. Just go and enjoy the great magic of the engine (when it's moving) and admire the great harmonised sculptured looks (when it's parked).

Thank you very much and hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed remembering the Maxima's fun. Ask me further if you are really keen and then I'll share with you about the arctic cool factory air conditioning that never needs maintenance, ever.