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2001 Hyundai Grandeur XG review

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Bought this car for NZD$2000 two years ago instead of the taxi fare from Auckland to my home. It had 180K on the clock and I've added another 30K. I had intended selling it but hey, sold my old Mercedes S Class instead.

Great features on the Hyundai – memory driver's seat, electric seat adjustment, fantastic sounding stereo, dual zone climate control works as well as any can, auto dipping mirror. Plenty of space. Seats comfortable and leather seems to be holding together well with little signs of wear.

Nice, comfortable long distance cruiser but not great for slinging around corners but nor did I buy it for that. Plenty of space for me the missus and three kids. Fuel consumption is impressive for a 3.0-litre V6. Engine smooth and quiet, good torque delivery, use the 'Tiptronic' override and the car really moves and the five-speed auto is smooth.

Just had timing belt done for NZD$500 including parts. Spent absolutely nothing else on it other than oil and filter change. Best $2000 I have ever spent and it will last me another few years yet.

No electrical gremlins. Yes, it is old styling which is not suited to some but from the refined inside on a long distance trip I don't really care. A great first entry into the 'luxury' class from Hyundai and the later models have been much improved. A good car for those who do not care about badge snobbery or who want luxury motoring at peanut pricing.

Would I hop in the Hyundai tomorrow and take the family on a tour around good old NZ? For sure, without hesitation. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.