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2001 Holden Astra Cd Review

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I have a Holden Astra 2001 Automatic.
The trunk capacity , air-conditioning and electric windows can be counted for a car with this model. Folding rear seat gives more space than a sedan.

The engine power was fine. However in higher mileage when it came to changing timing belt I had to take a risk to decide whether not having the car and sell it in bargain or face a damaged valve and ripped off timing belt. I took the risk of getting it done by a very famous mechanic. As soon as they replaced the timing belt, the car is absolutely unusable. Including 5 returns to workshop, still it doesn't start well and jumps to 3rd gear. It hardly can take off until I speed up. And both engine check lights are on.

The 4 inline coil system on top the cylinder head usually will be damaged because it is located in the hot part of engine compartment. The gear knob, is not an easy one. the pushing button can easily jump out of the knob when changing the gear very quickly. Suspension system though is very smooth one considering the weight and wheel size.

The interior light fading delay and trunk lamp are also other useful feature in this car.

Brakes are also things that you need to consider in high speed or when the car is full loaded.

The interior trim is quite handy again considering the model. But in total it is not an easy to care & keep car:(