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2000 Suzuki Jimny JX (4x4) review

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Most reliable car/'Beep' (too small to call it a Jeep) I have ever driven! I have had it 15 years and this is the first time I have had any trouble. It's old now and I dread parting with it. The Jimny has got me through snow, mud, floods and mountains.

The body has remained without rust even though I live within 3km of the sea. Servicing has been cheap, tyres great, engine can be a little slow when on dual carriageways but then we never had a tip with another car! I have a roof rack on mine but it can fit so much in the boot.

When I bought this I wanted the height and space and character of it as I see it as sporty, strong and fun. Yeah, a cupholder would be great, but I don't want a load of new technology as 70 per cent of cars fail tests on techie stuff. Keep it simple.

People had warned me it was hard to control on roundabouts – rubbish! My only problem really (I live in Galway, west of Ireland – maybe 200,000 pop.) and there are five Jimnys in the same colour here, so I can't escape. People land where I am and say "I saw your Jeep". Luckily I got no major secrets.

It has character and has been an incredible friend on all our journeys together. It's fading now – may get me to 2017 – but I will miss it so so much. Best car I have ever driven – I will miss it as will all the people who enjoy seeing it on the road.