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2000 Mitsubishi Verada Xi Review

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The Mighty Magna - oops, I should say Verada - if ever there was a trusty reliable and SAFE piece of crap to drive, this has to be it.

After writing off my first Magna - yes, truly a Magna this time, but a VR-X - my husband decided the only thing for me was another one. Seems crazy, I know. The thing is, I ROLLED the VR-X Magna and all four passengers really should have suffered some kind of injuries. The remarkable thing about the strength of this car is that it seriously looked as if it had a roll cage in it.

The "safety cell" of the car was completely intact - not a dent in the shape of it - even though the car was written off. If there is one thing that I am sure of, it is that if I'm going to buy another car, it's going to be one that isn't made of plastic and feels all flimsy and pathetic. Safety is so important, if you are ever unfortunate enough to crash you want to know that the vehicle you're travelling in is going to do the best possible job of protecting you.

However, since this review is of the current car, rather than the one I wrote off, I'd best give you a few of the features of the Verada. The wood paneling interior is absolutely a sight to behold. It's almost like this car was a throwback to the 70s, if it came in a Wagon you'd almost feel like you were in National Lampoon's Vacation!

For its day, the technology included was impressive, including GPS and a Blaupunkt stereo. It's got plenty of get up and go - performance is adequate for ferrying the family around, the only disappointing thing is the lack of a manual gearbox. Really, just because people have the money to spend on a Verada GT-V (nearly $50K when they were new) doesn't mean they don't have the talent to change gears.

Servicing costs are cheap because these are good old fashioned mechanical cars with parts that move instead of computers that drive them - oh and my husband is a mechanic, that always helps! Anyway, despite the fact that I call it a piece of crap, I don't know where I'd be without the good old faithful Verada.

I do know one thing though - if the Verada has to go, we'll certainly be replacing it with another from the super-strength, mechanically reliable Mitsubishi stable. 10/10 for safety!