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The Hyundai Grandeugbvr is the most comfortable car I've ever owned, the seats and the suspension (for the money) were very good. The fuel economy on highway driving was well above than tested results but that's where the praise ends I'm afraid. The log book was stuffed full of receipts for repairs, luckily I got rid of it before I had to add any to it.

The Grandeur drove quite well for a car that weighed 3 tonne, fantastic highway car, quite heavy to steer but that could be due to the power steering pump that broke the day I traded it.

I bought it for $4000 with 112,000km on the clock, as the months went on the car deteriorated with the air conditioning only working on fan level 3, the cd player getting so hot it melted the led screen and the in dash navigation intermittently telling me to turn left.

If you can find a good/cheap one and you need a highway cruiser, I'd get one of these.