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2000 BMW 3 30i review

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Our family have owned many BMWs over the years, and when it came to finding a car for my ‘first’ car I didn’t look further than the E46 - in particular the 330i M54b30 sedan. I believe for the price it is the best all round car you can get. Yes it is true that maintenance and repairs aren’t cheap, however we must remember these cars were $90,000 when new and we get them down for basically nothing, so we can’t expect them to be perfect.

Here is a list of the work and maintenance that I have had done so far throughout my one year of ownership.

  • All Airbag recalls have been done by Rolfe Classic BMW.
  • Air-con final resistor replaced (May 2020).
  • 6x NGK genuine coil packs and NGK 6x spark plugs ($1370) (June 2020).
  • Front control arms, bushings and ball joints work done by Willoughby Automotive (284,000kms).
  • Full Coolant flush done with Genuine BMW Antifreeze coolant (December 2020 at 285,000kms) + New high pressure 140 coolant expansion tank cap (full cooling system overhaul done by previous owner).
  • Full power steering flush using BMW recommended Castrol ATF Dex III Fluid OEM (December 2020 at 285,000kms).
  • Disa Valve replaced with OEM new part ($299 + labour) (January 2021 at 288,000kms).
  • Engine Mounts replaced with OEM new parts (January 2021 at 288,000kms).
  • Fan clutch motor replaced with OEM new part (January 2021 at 288,000kms).
  • Engine lifted and oil sump pan gasket replaced + Oil filter housing gasket replaced + Oil + filter change (January 2021 at 288,000kms).
  • Rear brake pads replaced with Bendix Euro OE pads (January 2021 at 288,000kms).
  • Front brake pads replaced with Bendix Euro OE pads (January 2021 at 288,000kms).
  • Front Brake discs replaced with upgraded drilled/slotted disks OE (January 2021 at 288,000kms).
  • Both rear shocks replaced with New Bilstein B4 shocks (February 2021 at 288,000kms).
  • New Rear suspension mounts replaced with OEM parts (February 2021 at 288,000kms).
  • New front Tie rods replaced with OEM parts (February 2021 at 288,000kms).
  • Differential Fluid changed using Full Synthetic 75W-90 API GL-5 Fluid (March 2021 at 289,000kms).
  • New steering boots (March 2021 at 289,000kms).

BMW centre console Coin/Cup holder installed.

Note that my car has travelled 290,000km, so it is one on the higher end (which is why I had to spend so much on maintenance and repairs).

I have and still do enjoy the E46 ownership experience!

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