BMW 7 Series 1999 35i
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1999 BMW 7 35i Review

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I bought this beautiful 1999 BMW 7-series for only $8000 with only 138,000km on the clock. I was originally looking for a luxury car as a second car, and I will never regret the buy, as I'm hoping to hold onto it as long as I can. When I told some people that I had bought a 7-series, their jaws dropped while asking, "What, a 7 series?"

Styling: the styling of the machine is beautiful and timeless. A bit of a half-classic, half-modern in my opinion. It seems to be a very rare car on the road, as I have only ever seen two in this shape. It is in immaculate condition and had been so very well looked after by the previous owner. It has turned some heads, that’s for sure.

Handling: it handles really good for a large luxury car, but it isn’t a sports car after all.

Performance: it has a beautiful and quiet V8 (one of the quietest V8’s around). It's not a fast V8 compared to today’s cars, but it still has plenty of power and torque. On highways it is an effortless cruiser, and going up hills is not a problem at all. It has a 5-speed auto tiptronic transmission (with sports mode), so you can change gears yourself.

Features and technology: the BMW 7-series blew me away with the features it had, some of which I didn’t even know existed in 1999. It still has the original phone, which doesn’t work (but I love it for show) and a TV that doesn’t work either. The sat-nav still works, and there's a sun shade for the rear window, along with auto climate control, sunroof, leather and electric seats, wood grain interior, cruise control, parking sensors and so many other features that are too long to list.

Fuel: not sure how many litres per 100km it drinks, but the on-board computer screen shows 11.4 per 100km. I have had it down to 10.2L/100km., and I drive in urban areas, along with a bit of highway driving. I found that if you're driving in the city you will likely see about 14-15L per 100km depending on how you drive and the conditions.

Reliability: it has been pretty good so far. I bought it with 131,000km on the odometer, and have moved the clock up to 138,000km. So far, I have had a service and am getting the brakes done in two weeks. It has a little oil leak, but I have been to two mechanics so far and both have said that it is nothing major. One mechanic couldn't even find the source of the leak, so as long as the issue remains nothing major, it is a plus for now.

Overall, this is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever owned and probably BMW’s best. Truly an amazing car to drive and one of the most comfortable cars ever. It has a timeless look to it, and my friends and family love it so much that they have taken photos of the car, and are always asking to go for a drive. The 7-series has so far been reliable, even with the afore-mentioned oil leak. I also own a 2013 Toyota Corolla, yet I drive my 1999 BMW 7 series pretty much more than my Corolla. I certainly will be keeping this for as long as I can and if I ever have to sell it, I will get either a newer 7 series (maybe a 745i).

Well done BMW on an amazing car.