Mitsubishi magna 1998 sports
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1998 Mitsubishi Magna Sports review

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Note: Car pictured is a press image (of a regular TF Magna) as no external images were provided.

I purchased a 1998 Magna Sports in Cairns after many days looking for a car to drive back to Bundaberg after my brand new Honda was hit by a kangaroo. I finally found this Magna Sports with only one owner and the original 98,000km on the clock with logbooks. It was faded red but I could see its potential after a good clean up.

This car drove back from Cairns trouble free and I'm still driving it a year later with 112,000km now on the clock. It continues to be trouble free even today, besides a little cracking on the moulding around stereo, which I've now replaced.

I'm seriously impressed with this car. It's powerful, comfortable and great on fuel. I am very surprised with fuel economy. I am not sure why people put these cats down, as I've owned a lot of cars and only a few have really stood out for me.

It's the original red Sports model, straight as can be and rust free. The lady I bought it from told me not to drive it drunk as it goes through barb wire fences and you lose your licence. That sums up the few marks on the paint but it's hardly noticeable.

I don't think I'll ever sell this car as my four-year old grand daughter loves it and says that it's her car, as she enjoys starting it and steering it slowly around our private property (while the driver operates the pedals).


However I am replacing the steering rack, as there is a little leak there from the car sitting idle for so long before I came across it.

The car originally came from the Northern Territory and I did read somewhere that a nice a guy was looking for this exact carcass. His father had owned it and it had his initials on the back and engraved somewhere under it. Yes, the initials are on the back of mine (GFZ) but I haven't located the actual engraving. I actually haven't looked for them, as I don't want to sell the Magna, but can see why this guy would want it back.

I use it as my second car to keep the kilometres down, but would prefer to drive it all the time. This car gets a lot of looks on the road and people comment on its condition and how good it appears, although I need to shampoo the seats now due to grand children and their occasional spills of drinks.

I reckon I'll have this car until the day I die, unless some hopeless driver smashes into me - and in Bundaberg that is possible at any time.

The interior is very spacious and comfortable with most things you'd want in a car, and I especially like the old wind-up windows. I hate how electric windows are always stuffing up.

The car has air con (which is very cold), cruise control, driving lights and the old cassette deck stereo. Parts are extremely cheap if needed.

The exterior looks really nice in red and the standard wheels really set it off.

Both motor and transmission are smooth and powerful with no oil leaks at all, except the slight power steering rack leak - which I understand is common.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Magna to a buyer looking for a great reliable car. Unfortunately they have a bad reputation from some older rattly models, although Mitsubishi really stepped it up after 1997.

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