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1998 Lexus GS300 review

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I bought a 1998 Lexus GS300 because I wanted something different to what most people have nowadays. I see many Nissans, Toyotas and Hondas, so why not get something different and get a Lexus? I thought it would be the best car because I don't see many modified GS300s, plus it's one of my dream cars.

There are many things to like about this car. One of my favourite things is that when you insert the key, the steering wheel moves towards you and into your best-suited position, and when you take the key out, it'll go back to the stock position. There are also two buttons on the driver-side door where you can set your preferred seat position (one for yourself and another for someone else).

Everything about this car is appealing to my eyes. The quad headlights and the quad tail-lights are something different and specific to Lexus. I've only seen them on the GS and IS models. The luxury aspect is what makes me drawn to these types of cars. I've always been into the VIP style, and the GS300 has it all. And with the GS300 being ahead of its time, I knew I made the right decision buying this car.

Compared to modern-day cars, I would say the GS300 is completely different in its own way. It's got some unique stuff that even surprises my friends. What also attracted me to this car is the engine, a naturally aspirated 2JZ-GE. However, I would have also liked to get the Toyota Aristo with the 2JZ-GTE. The 2JZ racks up 168kW with 305Nm of torque.

To this day the engine still goes hard, even with almost 300,000km. I don't think many people know this car has a 2JZ (could be in my little imagination though). This car, however, is an automatic transmission that kills the fun of thrashing the 2JZ. I would love to have a manual and hear the revs of the 2JZ – it would be music to my ears.

When I fill up I usually put in around $30, which gets me around 20 or so litres. That will last me around 220km before it gets to the quarter line or the empty light turns on. But with the prices for petrol so damn high, sometimes I want to turn this car into the Flintstone mobile pushing a whopping one human power. Or maybe I run out of petrol like that because I'll be beating every Skyline, Supra, basically any car in a race, with my fully sick, decked out stock engine.

Like every car, there are a few downsides. The lower ball joints are the most common issue. Then other problems like door actuators tend to fail, moisture starts to get into the headlights, the starter can go bad. Then it's just random codes that pop up when the CEL comes on.

With Lexus being a luxury outlet for Toyota, many of my friends still say to me this car is amazing and contains the same luxury element even modern luxury cars have. It feels like I'm being the chauffeur and driving my girlfriends and friends around while not getting paid.

I think Lexus did an amazing job with this car. It has everything a luxury car needs. It has that unique Lexus/Japanese design and craftsmanship that make it stand out amongst the crowd. It can be modified in numerous ways and it's just a perfect car, with amazing power and sleek looks.