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1997 Toyota CELICA Review

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The 1997 Toyota Celica is one of the better used cars that can be bought from the 1990s. This car is incredible at providing the sense of bond between "man and machine". With very few electronic assists seen in modern cars and a kerb weight that would make a Holden commodore shy away, the Celica is an amazingly enjoyable car to drive.

Not only is the car a pleasure to drive it has a considerable amount of power that compliments its light weight. With 100 Kilowatts from factory and a weight of 1165 Kg this makes the car a worthy adversary from a stand still.

With over 260,000 kilometres on the clock and with very few complications this car is incredibly reliable.

However due to the age of this old gem servicing costs are quite expensive with many services costing at least $200.

Having owned this car for over 3 years I have come to understand that it is not just wires, some cogs, some pistons and various mechanics, but rather a living entity that beckons the soul. The 2.2 litre engine helps drive this front wheel drive to glory without missing a beat.

Other features that this car has since gained upon owning this magnificent piece of art include a new head unit and new speakers.

The Celica comes standard with *" speakers in the front doors, an extremely rare size of speaker and 6.5" speakers in the rear. However since purchasing this vehicle it has received a newer CD player that doesn't require you to tune in to a set radio station to listen to it, and a Focal sound system throughout which includes a whopping 13" Subwoofer in the boot.

Overall this car would make the ideal car for any young male or female wanting to drive a piece of iconic history.