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1997 Land Rover Defender 110 (4x4) Review

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You read the jurno reviews, that all tell you how uncomfortable on the road the Defender is. Have they ever driven one 14 hours a day for weeks on end? Long days of highway driving followed by days in a desert, and thousands of kilometers of secondary corrugated roads?

When you do, you realise how comfortable it is. You don't sit in it and sink into a plush seat, but after all day behind the wheel, you never get out with a sore back, or find yourself trying to adjust your seat through the journey. The raised seating position is not typical or plush, but it's ergonomic when it comes to real driving, and that's a point that's always missed.

Handling, get used to it, it's quite predictable, and you learn to throw the car around corners faster than most sedans dare to travel.

Technology and Connectivity - why would you want that!? Anything they put in this car will be well and truly outdated before the car reaches middle age. Just carry your own choice of portable device and jack it to the basic system.

Check PAYLOAD and ECONOMY figures, nothing else carries so much for so little fuel. Compare it's weight to the competition, - a fully kitted and loaded Defender, weighs as much as a bare basic of anything else.

Safety - constant-4WD, large disc brakes, large tyres that don't get thrown by obstacles and a full chassis, make it one of the most survivable cars to drive.