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1996 Honda Civic Cxi Review

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If you are looking for a cheap run about or second car look no further!
You must get a manual though!

I have owned this car for about the last 5 years, from 164,000 ks to 265,000 currently

Car makers don't make cars like this anymore! This is my daily driver and has been very reliable over my ownership, I get around 7 litres for 100ks. All round vision is excellent

The most important thing is that I still enjoy getting in this car and driving it even though it's old, (photo was taken before a nice hill climb to lake mountain :) ) it's double wishbone suspension, lightweight, great 5 speed manual -and smooth Revving engine makes it a very engaging drive. It's very fun to drive on twisty roads with a good set of rubber.

It doesn't have power windows or doors or other fancy electrics, or abs or stability control, but that's what I like about it simplicity. This is important as I plan to keep it for at least another five years.

There is reason that you still see many of these 90s civic hatch backs still on the road. Please do check out these cars when car shopping you won't be disappointed!

I hope that the next gen Hondas get back to the glory days in the 90s when the civic meant an engaging and fun drive. It would be interesting to see a old vs new comparison review of a ek Honda Civic and a new one!