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1995 Toyota Corolla Review
  • Sounds great, looks great., 4AGE power. enough said., Great to drive daily., Easily Recognisable., Air-con is ice cold.
  • The odd rattle., Next to no back seat room., Lack of cupholders., Paint fade. (usual nineties thing, though.), No telescopic steering column.

by Tristan A

(This is actually a review for my 1993 Corolla Levin GT-Apex, AE101, (JDM))

This is my 1993 Toyota Corolla Levin GT-Apex. i have had this car for at least four years. as far as reliability goes, one of the best. can’t fault it there, being a Toyota. Air-con is icy cold, which is surprising for a ’93 model. i drive this car every day, And absolutely love how well it grips the road. The engine is Toyota’s Famous 4AGE 20V engine, and it is a right gem. The response through all 4 throttle bodies is sublime, and where else apart from much more expensive BMW’s and the like, can you hear that wonderous rasp from all four throttles at once? when i brought this vehicle i was really just looking for a nice little sporty car that i can fix over time and work on when i am bored. and this fit the bill quite nicely. Durability wise, i can’t fault it much. there are a few issues though: The odd rattle from the rear parcel shelf, the odd knock from the front end over a really large pothole, stuff like that. Rear seat room is not really suited for people my size (6′). It’s more suited for midgets, children and shopping. Boot size is decent, but good luck getting a pram in there without some sort of Rubik’s cube-type action. As the boot lid doesn’t go Between the tail lights unlike the Australian Delivered versions and the AE111 Levin/Trueno Series, good luck with that. Headlights are great, as they incorporate a Turning light with the parkers (indicate with the headlights on, and the parker on that side you just activated brightens up.) so good.

Engine: 4AGE 20v, I4, ITB, Naturally Aspirated.

Power: (est.) 119.3kw (160hp) @ 7800rpm

Torque: (est.) 162nm (120ft.lb) @ 5600rpm

Fuel Grade: P98 or P100

Seats: 4

Country of origin: JAPAN

Transmission options: Auto or manual. (Dunno why you’d go with an auto though. the manual is so smooth.)

Trim Levels: S, SJ, GT, GT-APEX (with or without Superstrut suspension) and GT-Z

Options on my particular car: Superstrut Suspension, Super Live Sound system, Electric folding mirrors, Climate Control.

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1995 Toyota Corolla Review Review
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