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1994 Land Rover Discovery Review

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The 2 door discovery features many pro-active features loved by Land rover fans and DIY Mechanical enthusiast, with the ease of maintaining your own car being a strong selling point that many buyers are still after in 2nd hand models.

The 1994 onward models feature a face lifted interior and all the things that make a good car. There are no bells and whistles to go wrong 5 years of ownership in. making it a desirable second hand car. Things to avoid in optional extras are the classic sunroof idea that would have been good if they where not prone to early failure and leaking.

Most landrovers have an aluminum body, which is great as rust is not an issue in panels. Be sure to check the firewall, and chassis though. May good cars have rust issues lurking below.

In general mileage is not an issue. Check the car for use and abuse. If the transmission changes like a sledge hammer its only going to get worse: this is caused by, spline ware in all the joints adding up through the drive train. Regularly using 4wd, and going off road is not a problem, but its service history is. Ask about regular servicing and transmission and transfer case changes. If it is not a regular, there is a good chance it will not have been done. Making your purchase a time bomb.

Keep it smart, simple and straight forward. Test drive the car, and if its a little quirky its ok. Most landrovers are quite reliable and hard to kill. However if its hard to start, transmission is sloppy, or there are any noises that are odd: keep it simple and find a better one.