Owner Review


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I bought my first car, the Toyota Corolla Standard Edition (the bottom of the range with optional air conditioning as ticked on the option box with the original brochure I found in the glovebox) off a local driving school, which meant I removed the dual controls out of the passenger foot well myself.

I was the second owner, the car had taken a fair beating in its bunny hopping, high revving, clutch burning 284,000km life, but it still drove brilliantly.

Everything worked, all of the time. The only thing I had to fix was it needed a wheel alignment as it was using tyres unevenly. I bought it for $1500 and I sold it for $1800 a year later. I cannot recommend these Corollas enough, my manual was good and I've driven an auto version and they're just as good.

It never did me wrong, ever. I regret getting rid of it as I still see it driving around 5 years later.