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1989 Mazda RX7 Review
  • Exterior Styling, Cabin design, Noise, How the gears shift, The ambience
  • Sometimes you feel claustrophobic, Can't take the kids, The wife thinks you love the car more, Expensive wheel replacement, Likes to drink oil as much as petrol

by Kai L

Sometimes I get lost in the moment when the feeling of nostalgia kicks in and my heart is squeezed by anxiety. I don’t want the feeling to ever stop, it’s a good feeling, it’s the feeling of the chase not knowing if you’re ever going to make it. I shift down third to bark the exhaust through the forest floor echoing my arrival to the wildlife. A possum stops midway from chewing on a snack paying attention to my red Rx-7 tail wagging happily through the winding leaf covered stretch of road. 200kw at full bore tunnel visioning myself away from what the grim reaper would consider a happy day, a wrong turn. There isn’t room for mistakes; there isn’t even room for breathing as every corner takes my breath away by close encounters. I call upon the man upstairs before and after every tail slide if that fails then surely the mechanical LSD will claw the treads to the bitumen like a well manicure tiger on its prey

18inch, 5 speed, twin rotary mental animal with a power to weight ratio of a bike as the accelerator catapults itself through each and every navigational point with poise. My god the Rx-7 keeps you just a notch under climax, that’s really where all men should be during the process, not losing focus on the task at hand, no premature actions that would compromise a good route.

Life is to be lived in a leather draped red silhouette at fast pace with a top limit of 9 thousand RPM to have you wondering why you wasted the years of your life with anything else. Mazda didn’t intend to build a car for the masses; because generally the population wants something sensible but sensible is boring, sensible is when you’ve given up on taking life by the horns, sensible is not being romantic and that’s just plain foolish. The 13B engine hits zero to one double oh yeah in 5.6 second taking you all the way to 220km/phr before the fat lady sings then you apply the 4pot brembo brakes hard into the apex. The low centre of gravity makes the handling all the more enjoyable as you reach speeds to leave your life in god’s hands. When you’re done zooming through the earth making a blur out of it do not think for a second the fun stops when you pull over on the side of the road to take in the scenery. At idle the car will let you know that it has power, not only can you feel it, you can hear it, Cerberus breathing gentle music to your ear but subtly hinting to take it for another run, through time.

I clutched in hard and shifted to second gear applied the gas pedal and roared out of inertia, over taking cars on the road as if they were parked. A blue Nissan GTR was coming up from the rear view then we were side by side. The driver of the GTR wanted to know what the fuss was all about by the RX-7 loud exhaust but he only got a glimpse than a glance before he disappeared from rear vision as I footed the rotor engine with intent. Once the fun is over for the day and I plan for another trip for the next, it’s now time to get some rest where I’ll know I’ll end up sharing the pillow with the keys.

Is there anything else to illustrate in words? For $22,000 Mazda’s Rx-7 is a bargain for what it embodies and the thrills that it delivers. Prospective buyers would have to ask themselves two things, to live or not to live that is the question.

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1989 Mazda RX7 Review Review
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