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1972 Holden Torana GTR XU-1 review

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I bought it because I owned a GTR XU-1 Torana 27 years ago and sold it. It has been the biggest regret in my life selling it. Thankfully a good friend bought it and still owns it today.

I like that it is an Australian icon and tribute to the greatest driver of all time, Mr Peter Brock. I love the stickers on the outside and the smell of the leather on the inside. It really is a cool car to drive. The attention it attracts is mind-blowing, and it makes my day to sit people in it and get photos. It is only a tribute, it isn't a genuine Brock LJ, but thanks to a great friend down south that owns the genuine, mine is now a twin sister to it. All the correct stickers and the fabricated drop tank.

It drives like it is on rails with stiff suspension. The engine is a red 202 with a lot of work done. I just recently spent $10K on the motor to get it going, and it has lots of goodies in it now. I run 45mm triple Dell'Orto carbies with a genuine Bathurst XU-1 grind camshaft (Crow Cams), 149 high-compression head with stainless roller rockers, ported and polished, big valves, 11:1 compression, Yella Terra ultra-light steel flywheel, Romac balancer on the front with an M20 gearbox.

Reliability... hahahaha... Well, in the first month of the new motor, I'd already broken the gearbox, and had spun some bearings, so it is on engine stands now awaiting a new crank grind and bearings. Other than that it is quite good.

It is my daily drive, so I can't afford to keep breaking it. I love driving it daily for the reason that I smile when I pick up my keys and it makes a lot of people on the road smile. Also, it makes people think about Peter daily. I really smile when the young kids come over and ask, "Sir, can I please get a photo?". "Sure!" I say, taking the camera off them and sitting them on their knees so they can see out the window and give me two thumbs up. It makes their day and makes mine. The smiles from the parents say a massive thanks. The kids then say their mum or dad or aunty or uncle has a Brock man-cave, so when they forward the pics to them, the reply is priceless. It doesn't cost anything to be kind.

R.I.P Mr Brock – sadly missed by millions mate.