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1960 Ford ANGLIA Review

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***There was no option to choose 1947, so it will read wrong as 1960***

Before we go any further, no, it's not a Ford Prefect. If only I had a dollar for every person who would say, “wow, look at that Ford Prefect”, I would be rich enough to buy a huge neon sign that would say, “IT'S A FORD ANGLIA”.

This beast isn't what it seems. Underneath the beautiful brown metallic paint, (which is ACTUALLY metallic, unlike the paint you see on new cars these days), is a thumping 3 litre V6 Capri engine. You want to know how it drives don't you? Patience my pretty, I will get to that soon.

This car is actually quite rare, being a 4 door, so it is easy to take the family with you. Just make sure you're not wearing woolly jumpers, because it's a tight squeeze. Don't even THINK about taking the dog. After literally climbing into the car, you almost bounce back out. The seats are so springy, but yet so comfortable. Once sitting in the driver seat, putting your hands on the ‘bus size' black leather steering wheel, you can almost feel the history of the Anglia run through your hands.

Starting it, you need to press a button to get the fuel pump running which is bizarre, but remember this is a nearly 60 year old car.

A few kicks of the throttle and you would think it would roar into life. Ummm. No. It splutters and spits and stalls. Not only once, but numerous times. The key to keeping the Anglia going would be to set a brick on the throttle to warm it up, and go and grab a coffee, and maybe watch an episode of Days of Our Lives, then you should be set to go.

Going through the gears and hearing that V6 engine with a “fully sick” exhaust, is simply amazing. It's hard not to sit back, close your eyes, and just listen to the engine. But make sure you're the passenger when you do this, ok? The engine is paired with a 5 speed Toyota gearbox and is fitted with Torana front and rear ends.

You really can't see a whole lot out of the windscreen. If an insect hits it, you may need to stop and clean it off, so you can see where you're going.

When it comes to Summer, don't attempt to drive it. The windows can't be wound down, as they cannot be wound back up, so you bake. Of course in 1947, air conditioners didn't exist. On long trips, you can even feel your feet heat up from the engine. Sure, that's nice in Winter, but then you have draughts from the side windows that whistle and cool one side of your face. Tip: drive it in Spring or Autumn.

If you want a car that you can get in and drive right away, this isn't what you're after. Or if you want a car that can be taken away for a week holiday, you'll need to keep looking.

But if you want a car that is a little quirky and quick, and intrigues people, then this is the one.