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Spied: Insignia OPC at the Ring

The Opel Insignia has certainly made an impression since the staggered reveal of the sedan, hatch and wagon variants over the past few weeks. Now the final iteration has been spotted prowling the Nurburgring during a stint of performance testing.   Whilst on paper, the Insignia may seem out of place of the world's most infamous circuit; this is actually our first glimpse of the performance flagship OPC model...

Opel Insignia Video

While we are still unsure as to whether or not the Opel Insignia will become the next Holden Vectra, this video makes it even more desirable. For more info on the Insignia, click here.

New Opel Insignia (Holden Vectra) revealed

Holden pulled the Vectra model from the Australian market in 2005 amid slow sales and the rising import cost, but that might all change now that Opel has come out with a new Vectra, better known as the Opel Insignia. Not only does it look absolutely brilliant, but the new car may go a long way in helping GM's ailing fortunes...

2008 Opel Insignia (Vectra) spy photos

Although Holden stopped importing the Opel Vectra back in 2005, Europeans can't seem to get enough of them. The all-new model has just been caught by our European photographer undergoing cold-weather testing in northern Scandinavia. The photos you see here are of the Opel Insignia, which will replace the Vectra in Europe by the end of this year...