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2015 Nissan Pulsar SSS review

As someone who works at a car dealership, I was constantly seeing people buy new cars and drive away. So I decided to upgrade from my ’05 Astra to a Nissan SSS Pulsar. As soon as I sat in the vehicle, I felt like I was sitting in a car of luxury with the leather interior and keyless entry with push-start button. I got the Series 2 version with a CVT transmission...

2005 Nissan Pulsar ST-L review

A little over a year ago, I posted a review on my Nissan Pulsar. Having driven it for that time and getting my Ps, I've gotten to know the car far better and learnt to appreciate it more. Starting with the appearance, it is still a great-looking car. The Pulsar N16 from 2004–2006 still fits in the crowd...

2013 Nissan Pulsar ST-L review

I sold my 2003 Toyota Corolla when it became too expensive to run, and I entered the market to replace it with a brand-new car (hatch or sedan). What I was considering on my search were some aspects many other people also consider: Cheap to run Good service Good price (I had a budget of less than $30K) Reliability Keeping the resale value When I came across the promotional offer from Nissan for a 1...

2005 Nissan Pulsar ST-L Review

Cars are becoming ever more equipped and pricey. And for the teenage buyer, or someone who is looking for a cheap runaround car to buy, brand new isn't all that ideal. This 2005 Nissan Pulsar was a steal. It may not have the most powerful engine, but the features that come with the car are arguably good. I bought this car several months ago, and I am learning to drive in it...

1993 Nissan Pulsar Review

No GPS, No Bluetooth and No Keyless entry, why in 2015 would you want or even need such an outdated car?? The pulsar is as tough today as the day it rolled out of the dealership when it was new, Nissan made their small family city runabout a car for the masses and it was, almost everyone you meet either had or knows someone that had a pulsar such was the reliability and suitability built into such a small package...

2013 Nissan Pulsar ST Sedan Review

Not a car for the enthusiastic driver, the Nissan Pulsar is perfect as a daily city drive and for the occasional highway trip – particularly given its good sound insulation and quiet cabin at cruising speeds. The ST represents excellent value too if you need a cabin larger than its peers and have a new car budget around the$20,000 range.