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2014 Nissan Micra ST review

I'm an idiot for selling this car. I went on holiday to Adelaide once and had one as a renter and found it a charming little thing to flog around the hills and wineries. I had a tiny driveway entrance at home to deal with, so when it was time to get a car the Micra was top of the list...

2008 Nissan Micra CITY Collection Review

The epitome of a made in Japan city car. Ultra reliable, easy to service, well built and fun to drive. Ride and handling is very good and the turning circle is amazing. Tyre wear has been very good and never really needing a wheel alignment since purchased from new in 2008. You just get the feeling this car will last a long time...

2009 Nissan Micra Review

My Nissan Micra is a great car apart from it not being as fast as I would like. It's also not very practical for carting around lots of people as it's a little too small.


Brilliant car! Excellent handling both on he open country stretch and in city traffic. Great fuel economy and very comfortable interior. Had the Micra for nearly a year and wouldn't part with it! Love this car!


I bought this car 3 years ago and it has served me well, for the purposes I use it. I drive it to and from work, and that's about it. It gets outstanding fuel mileage and that's a major reason I bought it. The interior design is excellent, even though I have no "options" to speak of...