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2014 Nissan Dualis +2 Ti-L (4x2) Review

This is a review of Ryder Evans Photography. I recently purchased a Dualls +2 Ti-L. Honestly its the best car I have ever owned. I run my own business and its perfect for what I do. Plenty of room and very comfortable on long drives. I regally drive from Brisbane to Byron Bay and back in the same day and it sits amazing on the highway without any problems...

2012 NISSAN DUALIS Ti Review

Dualis +2 Can some one tell me how to get 8's L/100 around town. 7k5 on the clock 10.6 according to the computer 11's open road if I use the cruise. It doesn't get cained. Pricing only 2 cars we could find in the 30k - 35K with 7 seats. Captiva and Dualis. Deisel Captive great engine at 2.2 turbo. Comfort not great in comparison in Captiva...