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2018 Nissan 370Z N-Sport review

The 370Z is still pretty old-school cool, and the limited-edition N-Sport's splashes of yellow give it a bit more sting in an otherwise competent, if ageing, package.

2018 Nissan 370Z Nismo review

Nissan's ageing 370Z might be nearly a decade old, but with the new Nissan 370Z Nismo, has the Japanese manufacturer finally unlocked the true potential of the coupe?

2017 Nissan 370Z Coupe review

Eight years after making its Australian debut, the Nissan 370Z Coupe is still on sale and still the Japanese brand’s only sports car offering outside of the circa-$200k Nissan GT-R.

Nissan 370Z Roadster Review

Still able to punch above its weight, the ageing Nissan 370Z Roadster remains a top-notch cruiser...

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Nissan 370Z Comparisons

2017 Nissan 370Z Nismo v Holden Ute SS-V Redline comparison

The Commodore name may be living on but the Holden Ute passes away officially on 20 October when production of that most Australian of icons end. And uncertainty surrounding the future of Nissan’s legendary Z-series means the 370Z Nismo could be the last hurrah for a lineage that runs back nearly 50 years – to the original, 1969 Datsun 240Z...

Ford Mustang GT Fastback v Nissan 370Z Coupe comparison

It's a good problem to have. You want to buy a new sports car, but you want more poke than either a Mazda MX-5 or Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 can offer. It can't be front-wheel drive, and your budget rules out more expensive Euros from the likes of Audi, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz...

What's the best fun car? 17 'hot' cars under $60k tested!

We assembled 17 of fittest 'fun cars' under $60k at Sydney Motorsport Park at the recent MotorWorld event and there you, our readers, into the test seats. And we gave the mega test field a spin ourselves. Together, we decide what's hot, what's fun and what is exception value for money...

Nissan 370Z News

Nissan 370Z Roadster to be discontinued in the US

Nissan North America has confirmed it will discontinue the 370Z Roadster from the 2020 model year, according to a new report out of the US. Speaking with Motor Authority, Kyle Torrens, spokesperson for the manufacturer's American division, said Nissan "will not offer the Roadster variant for the current-generation Z beginning with model year 2020"...

CarAdvice podcast 149: LIVE from the MG stand at the Sydney Royal Easter Show!

Mandy Turner and Tony Crawford are live from the MG stand at the Sydney Royal Easter Show! In car news, Australia's 'cheap' fuel will remain unchanged until 2027, the 2020 Nissan 370Z, GT-R and GT-R Nismo 50th Anniversary editions will be coming to Australia, the Goodyear Eagle Supersport is headed Down Under, and the 2020 BMW M135i xDrive has been leaked...

2020 Nissan 370Z unveiled with 50th Anniversary Edition, Australia confirmed

Alex Misoyannis • At the New York motor show, Nissan has unveiled a limited-edition 370Z to mark the 50th anniversary of the brand’s iconic Z sports car. There's no additional power on offer, though: the extent of the changes to the 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition over the standard model are a number of visual changes, both inside and out...

Nissan 370Z Project Clubsport 23 revealed for SEMA

Nissan has revealed its 370Z Project Clubsport 23 for this year's SEMA show, headlined by a twin-turbo engine and a range of performance accessories that could soon be available to customers. Featuring a combination of OEM, aftermarket and bespoke parts, the Clubsport 23 project car "is an ongoing parts development platform", as the company hopes it previews the potential customisation options for current owners...

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Nissan 370Z Owner Reviews

2012 Nissan 370Z review

I bought my 2012 MY13 Nissan 370Z in August 2015 from Newcastle, and drove it back home to Melbourne. It had 87,000km on the clock, with many other used 370Zs in my price range at 30,000km but a lot older, and I didn't trust that they'd been maintained regularly. I've come from owning two Nissan Maximas in the past – big long 'boats' that are registered as cars...

2011 Nissan 370z Review

Finally the day came after lusting for years over my dads 350Z. I got the opportunity to buy a 370z. I worked for Nissan and a Zed got traded in. Within minutes I had signed the paperwork to make it mine. The 370z is the 6th generation of Z cars. It all started way back in 1969 thanks to the 240Z. Nissan Z cars are an iconic piece of Japanese motoring that I now own a piece of...

2015 Nissan 370Z Review

I used to believe that once you go European, you never go back with cars. My last car was a BMW and I loved its luxury look and feel, but I got bored. I wanted more from the driving experience and something really fun. I also wanted a manual car and unless I was going to splash out on something like a M3, nothing European seemed like a sensible manual choice when considering resale value...

2010 Nissan 370z Review

I was looking for a convertible sports car to go cruising with the roof down on a nice day. I looked at other roadsters including Mazda 5's & BMW Z cars but the 370Z was by far the better looking with better performance & road holding grip. Mine is an auto with the option to use it as a manual with the flappy paddle levers...

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