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2017 Morgan 3 Wheeler review

Now for something different...James goes full Biggles and hits the road in the crazy Morgan 3 Wheeler.

Morgan Aero SuperSports Review

If you don’t like being noticed, then don’t drive a Morgan...

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2020 Morgan Plus Four revealed with new architecture and BMW power

Morgan has revealed a new Plus Four model, slotting in beneath the Plus Six with the same new 'CX' aluminium architecture and a new BMW-sourced engine. Celebrating 70 years of the model this year, this new variant also gets a slight change to its name over the Plus 4; this time spelling the number four...

Morgan to end production of models with steel ladder frame platform

Morgan will cease manufacturing models based on its traditional steel ladder frame chassis, which dates back to 1936. This decision sees the imminent demise of the 4/4, Plus 4 and V6 Roadster, although no firm end date has been set for the 84-year old platform. The automaker claims it will give the long-lived chassis "a fitting send off", but has yet to provide any details...

Morgan sold off, new Plus Six revealed

Morgan has pulled the covers from its new Plus Six, which debuts a new chassis and Toyota Supra power for the brand, having announced an Italian finance firm is now its owner. Having made a significant investment in Morgan, Investindustrial will look to improve the brand's Malvern Link factory and attempt to improve sales outside of its UK home...

Morgan V8 dead, new 'Wide Body' sports car coming - UPDATE

Morgan's range of V8 sports cars has fallen victim to strict WLTP regulations, leaving the Roadster V6 and 3 Wheeler its only offerings in Australia. Update, 23/01/2019: Morgan has adapted its pricing again, bumping most of its sticker prices up by $1000. Availability has also changed. We've updated with the correct details...

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