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2020 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS review

The writing is on the wall for the Mitsubishi Pajero. Now living in the shadow of its own former glory, does Mitsubishi’s big 4x4 have the glow to tough out its twilight years?

2016 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS Review

The Mitsubishi Pajero GLS has been on the market for a while, but does it still represent value for money?

2015 Mitsubishi Pajero Review

Mitsubishi's Pajero is an ageing warhorse in a competitive segment. Does it still have the weapons to fight the segment leaders.

Mitsubishi Pajero Review & Road Test

Sounds like a truck, but it's as tough as nails...

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Review & Road Test

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero VRX DI-D Review & Road Test Versatile, strong, capable... but oh so average. Model Tested: 2009 Mitsubishi NT Pajero VR-X; 3.2-litre, turbo-diesel; five-speed automatic; wagon - $67,990 (RRP) Options: Metallic paint $495 (fitted - Cool Silver); satellite navigation & rear view camera $2500 (Fitted) CarAdvice Rating: - by Matt Brogan You might recall quite some time ago CarAdvice took an Aston Martin DBS through the middle of the Simpson Desert...

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero First Steer

The big news in the 2009 Mitsubishi NT Pajero is the heavily revised version of the 3.2-litre diesel engine now fitted to the vehicle and we can set the record straight, it is quieter, but then it would need to be. - David Twomey The previous diesel engine sounded more like a chaff cutter than an engine and was a serious drawback to what was otherwise a very good medium SUV...

2006 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS V6 Road Test

Approaching the Mitsubishi Pajero GLS at the press car pickup location in Melbourne had me wondering what in God’s name people do with these monstrous creations. Just half an hour earlier I had one of these giants cut me off on the Princess Highway. So to say that I had prior perceptions of 4WD drivers would be an understatement...