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Mercedes-AMG CLA45

Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Reviews

2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 S review

Pricier than its A45 hatchback sibling, does the new CLA45 S stack up as a viable performance option?

2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 S review

Of AMG's small dynamic duo, the A45 hatch might seem like the obvious go-to for performance – but the new 2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 may just surprise you.

2017 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 review

The Mercedes-AMG CLA45 is a quick and capable hot sedan. But is its six-figure asking price actually on the money?

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2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 S review

Overall, the new 2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S is the more mature choice over an A45. It’s a shame it just misses out on the three-seconds club, because other than that, it would be our pick over the A45 every day of the week. In red.

Mercedes-AMG CLA45 News

2020 Mercedes-AMG A45 S and CLA45 S pricing and specs

The top-selling Mercedes-AMG A 45 S hot hatch and its CLA 45 S four-door coupe twin have both hit the market, priced at $93,600 and $111,200 (before on-road costs) respectively. That’s a leap of between roughly $15,000 and $18,000 over the predecessor models which cost $78,240 and $93,070. However, Mercedes-AMG GmbH claims the impost is more than justified...

2020 Mercedes-AMG A45 & CLA45 exhaust sound restricted by European regulations

The new 2020 Mercedes-AMG A45 and CLA 45 have had their exhaust theatrics numbed to meet ever-toughening noise and emission regulations in Europe – cuts Mercedes-Benz says apply to all markets, including Australia. The new A45 and CLA45 make use of the world’s most powerful 2.0-litre production engine delivering an impressive 310kW of power and 500Nm of torque, good for a 0-100km/h time of 3...

2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Shooting Brake revealed, not for Oz

Mercedes-AMG has revealed the CLA45 Shooting Brake, joining the related CLA45 four-door coupe and A45 hatchback in the marque’s flagship compact performance line-up – but don’t expect it in Australia anytime soon. Like its siblings, the AMG CLA45 Shooting Brake is available in two versions: ‘basic’ and ‘S’...

CarAdvice podcast 160: Mike Costello's Suzuki Jimny mingles with the big boys

On the podcast this week are Mandy Turner, Mike Costello, and Kez Casey. In car news, Evie Networks is planning an EV charge station expansion for Australia, Europe has mandated EV sound generators, the 2020 Land Rover Defender specs have been leaked, and the 2020 BMW X6 and Mercedes-AMG A45 and CLA45 have been revealed...

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Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Owner Reviews

2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S 4matic+ review

I am not a good car reviewer. I'll admit it from the outset. When I got my CLA45S in May I sent a terribly written review to CarAdvice and I think it almost immediately made its way into the trash can. But a bit of time with the car has given me the opportunity to appreciate it far better and hopefully now I can produce a review that is “worthy” of the readership (note: my writing skills have not improved)...

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