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2013 Mazda 3 NEO Review

Only owned the car for 6 weeks, the fuel economy doesn't seem too bad , so far I'm averaging 14 km/L or about 100km/7L, would have preferred a slightly sleeker, smaller car, (have the hatch for practicality but would have preferred a lift-back sedan, hate the look of station-wagons) but still like Mazda's edgy, bold styling...

2010 Mazda 3 Maxx Sport Review

We bought our Mazda 3 when we needed to upgrade with baby number two on the way. Despite everyone telling us that we must get a four-wheel-drive if we have two kids, we found that this car has more than enough room. We can easily fit two baby seats in the back without having to move the front seats forward, while the boot will take a pram, shopping and lots of other items...

2012 MAZDA MAZDA3 NEO Review

The paint work of my 2012 Mazda 3 Neo is a concern. It scratchers so easily, why???


The new Mazda3 Skyactiv SP20 takes all of the good features of the Maxx Sport and improves on them. The 2.0L direct injection engine is powerful for a car of its size and returns decent figures. (7.2L with 50:50 hwy and urban driving). The Stop-Start system is very intuitive and is very unobtrusive. The Interior is well built and has a lot of soft touch features...

2004 MAZDA MAZDA3 SP23 Review

Great little hatch to drive. Feels sporty in activematic transmission. Low fuel costs. Lots of room in boot. Easy to maintain. Brilliant shape and sporty look. Drives up to 600kms on a full tank on the highway.


Choosing a car is a very personal thing. What suits one person doesn't another. So when we went looking for a car to replace my husband's Ford Laser Hatch, which he had for 22 years, we test drove several models but only one stood out for us. A Mazda 3 Hatch. Since buying our first Mazda you can call us Mazda converts...

2010 MAZDA MAZDA3 Review

The 2010 Mazda3 SP25 is a talented all-rounder for those looking for a sporty, feature-some and attractive small to medium sized sedan. My particular vehicle is fitted with the standard 6-speed manual, Luxury Pack including leather upholstery, 10-speaker BOSE audio system and sliding centre armrest and an electric sunroof...