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2014 Mahindra Genio 4x4 review

This is my Mahindra Genio review, and after 118,000km it's had a new turbo, a new diff, and three sets of tyres. It's generally used for long distance travel with a slide on of around 900kg. Now the story. Firstly it was bought to replace a flat-top 2.7-litre, naturally aspirated, 5-speed, 1.5 tonne diesel...

2014 Mahindra Genio 4x4 Review

We got into a Genio because of the load capacity the tray size and the price , fidings so far are better than expected economy is good around 10 /11 ks a ltr its use primarily is daily drive , its specific task is to carry a slide on camper and all that goes with it , so far it outperforms the previous Korean vehicle easily...