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Lexus UX200 Reviews

2021 Lexus UX200 Luxury review

For the price of a mainstream medium SUV, you can now have a fancy Lexus. Does that mean you should?

2021 Lexus UX200 Sports Luxury review

The UX200 Sports Luxury update has arrived, but does it do enough in the small luxury SUV segment?

2020 Lexus UX200 Luxury review

Is Lexus’s cheapest SUV in line with the brand's premium ethos?

2019 Lexus UX200 Sports Luxury review

UX stands for ‘urban crossover’, but as a user experience the baby Lexus SUV is hit-and-miss.

2019 Lexus UX200 review

The Lexus UX is the Japanese luxury brand’s first foray into the urban SUV market...