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2003 Lexus RX330 Sports Luxury review

  I bought this car when it was about six months old. I wanted a car that was quiet and comfortable, but also all-wheel drive and could tow considerable loads on tandem trailers over rough, steep, boggy or rocky terrain. I knew it was a big ask of a car that most owners would probably not even take off-road, but amazingly it has handled this kind of treatment for 13 years and never ceases to amaze me...

2003 Lexus RX330 Sports Luxury Review

The 2003 Lexus RX330 Sports Luxury edition is a comfortable ride with leather interior, electric seats, built-in GPS and a sunroof making it a nice car to drive. The only down fall with any Lexus is the price, but if you are looking at buying a second hand RX330 for the right price, you won't be disappointed.