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Lexus owner for a day

Buying a new car is a big investment, for most people the second-biggest chunk of money they’ll hand over for something, after the family home. Some manufacturers take your money, sign you up for a service plan, but offer little else in the way of ownership benefits. Others do offer limited ownership programs that can incorporate track days, or special events, or perhaps a discount on merchandise...

2020 Lexus RCF EP3 review

Amongst prestige performance coupes, the Lexus RC F is the last man standing with a naturally aspirated engine. Enjoy it while it lasts, as you’ll miss it when it's gone.

2019 Lexus RC F review

The 'base' RC F presents a relative bargain in the luxury performance coupe segment, combining V8 thrills for tens of thousands less than European competitors.

2019 Lexus RC F Track Edition review

A hardcore Lexus isn't anything new now, but the RC F Track Edition is one we've been looking forward to. And it's not hard to turn an already impressive chassis into an even more formidable weapon.

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Lexus RC F Videos

REVIEW: 2019 Lexus RCF Track Edition (featuring Scott Pruett!)

The new RC F is an exciting addition to the increasingly rare V8 sports car landscape, and one that now handles better than ever. The updates for 2019 have been incremental, but the cumulative effect of all these changes has made for quite a substantial upgrade over the previous model...

Lexus RC F review : Track drive at Mount Panorama

When you consider the Lexus brand, it’s fair to say two things will immediately spring to mind: benchmark luxury and a customer service ethic that is hard to surpass. But this is no ordinary Lexus, it’s the all-new high-performance RC F Coupe and CarAdvice is here at Bathurst’s iconic Mount Panorama to test its metal – on the track...

Lexus RC F First Drive Review - Read the full review here. Ask any psychologist and they will tell you that first impressions are rather hard to overcome, which is why Lexus has spent the greater part of the last decade trying to do away with its ‘luxurious but boring’ image...

Lexus RC F Comparisons

Lexus RC F v BMW M4 : Comparison review

It is quite literally a fork in the road moment. Just after the long, sweeping hairpin on Jenolan Caves Road, on the western side of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, the BMW M4 and Lexus RC F are parked on a little side road. The duo of two-door coupes are tinking away, heat pouring from their wheelarches after up-and-back runs of the main road and then the side road...

Lexus RC F News

2019 Lexus RC F pricing and specs

Lexus has announced pricing for its updated RC F coupe, which now costs $134,129 before on-road costs. That's a $3600 price cut for the outgoing RC F, which now sits below the Track Edition in the line-up. Power still comes from a 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated V8 making 351kW of power and 530Nm of torque, put to the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission...

Lexus RC F Track Edition pricing revealed for Australia

January 14, 2019: Lexus has revealed the RC F Track Edition in Detroit this week, which is scheduled to commence production during the second quarter of 2019. Unveiled alongside the updated 2019 RC F, the Track Edition blends "a serious performance car for the track with the luxury and craftsmanship expected of a Lexus"...

2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition teased again

Lexus has teased the RC F Track Edition once again, shortly before it is fully unveiled at the Detroit motor show next week. "The Lexus RC F Track Edition turns hot laps all day... and heads all night," the company said in its press release, not offering any further details of the new model...

2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition to debut in Detroit

The Lexus RC F Track Edition will make its debut at the 2019 Detroit motor show, which takes place in the middle of January. Apart from the teaser image of the car's large carbon-fibre rear wing, and its debut date and name, Lexus hasn't revealed any other details about the new range-topping RC variant...

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Lexus RC F Owner Reviews

2015 Lexus Rc F Review

The Lexus RCF is bit of a mixed bag, a Frankenstein. Even its chassis is a clobbering together of 3 separate platforms, the GS, the IS convertible and the IS sedan. I've had it for a few months now and getting to know the car very well. Firstly, let's get the looks out of the way. They're polarising, you either love or hate it...

2014 Lexus Rc F Review

Before deciding to buy the RCF I have also driven both on the racetrack and on the city roads the C63 and the M4 and I kept an open mind along this whole process. So my opinion on the RCF is: Let alone that the sound of the RCF is simply amazing vs the C63 and the M4, The RCF is certainly not a car for drag racing and yes is a few cents slower from 0 to 100, but on the other hand, out of the 3 is the less nervous to drive, the more precise and (most important to me at least) the fastest on a single lap on a race course...

2015 Lexus RC F Review

I feel the not-so-humble Lexus RC F has received a lot of bad press from motoring journalists the world over. It's like the under-achieving step-brother that your family openly makes fun of at family gatherings in front of him. The RC F is being compared to European luxury vehicles like the BMW M4, Audi RS5, Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 and even by one highly regarded TV personality to a Lexus LF-A...

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2020 Lexus RCF EP3 review

2019 Lexus RC F review

2019 Lexus RC F Track Edition review

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