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Lexus LC detailed, on sale first half of 2017

Koji Sato, the chief engineer of the Lexus LC, has described the company's new coupe as "possibly the greatest challenge since Lexus created the original LS". Part of this comes down to developing an all-new platform. In all, around 4000 people were involved in developing the LC. According to Sato, "The car and a completely new platform was delivered 12 months faster than the usual process"...

Lexus LC500 vs Lexus LF-LC Concept: Styling Faceoff

When a new model begins life as an exaggerated and highly stylised sketch, it's no stretch to imagine that the look of the later physical concept will bend a few less laws of physics. And, of course, the final road-going production model that follows - if production is confirmed at all - will usually do away with the concept's most awe-inspiring aspects...

Lexus LC500 Coupe revealed - UPDATE

UPDATE, June 23 2016: Lexus has released a new video clip (above) for the LC that showcases its sonorous V8 engine. No, that’s not another version of the LF-LC – it’s the all-new Lexus LC500 Coupe, which looks a heck of a lot like the showcar that preceded it way back in 2012...