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Lexus GS450h Reviews

2016 Lexus GS450h Sport Luxury Review

The facelifted Lexus GS450h sits squarely between the pricing of its two main competitors and is well equipped in standard trim.

Lexus GS450h Review

Lexus's hybrid rival to powerful large diesel German luxury cars is no longer a flawed choice.

Lexus GS 450h Long Term Review

I was going to begin this long term wrap up on our Lexus GS 450h with a list of awards that Lexus has won over the years, but the sheer number of accolades this brand has collected, makes that impossible in this space. There are literally pages and pages of global and domestic awards for almost every Lexus model ever released...

Lexus GS450h Review Long Term Update

The Lexus GS450h remains a very easy car to live with as a daily drive and has been utterly problem free.

Lexus GS 450h Review - Long Term Intro

Weapons grade luxury express.

Lexus GS450h Road Test

Lexus GS450h – Road Test Test Model: Lexus GS450h (that’s “h” for hybrid) Options fitted: Absolutely none and none required. Recommended retail price: $121,990 On road price: Around $131,000 Warranty: Standard Lexus 4 year/100,000km Where the car sits: believe it or not, it’s not top shelf in the GS range...