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The car names you've probably been mispronouncing this whole time

Fancy yourself a car enthusiast? While being an enthusiastic car owner and a good driver are both part of your overall street cred, a lot of it comes down to being able to talk the torque. And where many of us can come undone when showing off our automotive prowess is butchering the pronunciation of brand or model names as badly as Kim from Kath & Kim used to pronounce 'chardonnay' (she said 'kar-don-aye', for the record)...

Lamborghini, Laurina, and Pirelli P Zero World

Tyres can be a bit boring. They're mostly defined by talk of compounds and tread patterns, about braking distances and load ratings. Fascinating if you're the type of person who obsesses over fractions of a second at the track, or if you're really into rubber... But for the average punter, it can all be a bit mystifying...

2019 Lamborghini Urus review

If you see one of these at the lights, don’t embarrass yourself in a feeble attempt at a drag.

2018 Lamborghini Urus review

Lamborghini promised it would deliver the world's fastest internal-combustion-powered SUV with the Urus. It's done that and more.

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2018 Lamborghini Urus review: First look

Trent takes a first look at the new Lamborghini Urus SUV, in and around Rome. Sick of Nespresso coffee pods at the racetrack, I divert from the road drive and pull into a small petrol station on a country road with a bar attached to it. I disappear inside, dispatch my coffee standing at the bar and reappear a few minutes later to find the Urus surrounded by locals...

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World's fastest SUVs go head-to-head in drag race

A drag race between four of the world's fastest SUVs has been conducted by, and the results may surprise you. Taking place over a quarter mile stretch of runway in the UK, the race included a Lamborghini Urus, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Bentley Bentayga, and Audi RSQ8. All four brands are part of the giant Volkswagen Group, and share much of their underpinnings and mechanicals...

Lamborghini builds 10,000th Urus SUV

The phenomenal global growth in SUV sales has passed another significant milestone – thanks to a supercar company many thought would never build such a vehicle. Iconic Italian car maker Lamborghini has built its 10,000th Urus SUV. The landmark vehicle was ordered by a Russian customer and painted Nero Noctis matte black...

Lamborghini Urus vs Jeep Trackhawk: world’s fastest SUVs drag race

Texas tuning firm Hennessey has put the world’s fastest SUVs – the Lamborghini Urus and Jeep Trackhawk – in a head-to-head drag race. Both vehicles are in showroom standard condition and were tested before they were due to receive a power upgrade. On paper, there’s nothing between the two. The Lamborghini Urus has a claimed 0 to 100kmh time of 3...

Lamborghini RAV4? Ferrari Prius? Toyotas transformed into Italian look-a-likes

They say imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, though we're not sure what Italian supercar makers Ferrari and Lamborghini would make of this lot. Japanese bodykit company Albermo has transformed the new Toyota RAV4 into a pretend Lamborghini Urus, and the current generation Toyota Prius into a Ferrari of some kind...

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