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While you might not think of the Rio as an option if you're looking for a sporting drive, the GT-Line might just surprise you. It's affordable too.
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LIST PRICE From $17,480
FUEL ECONOMY 5.4/100km
SEAT null

2017 Kia Rio S review

I had spent a number of years driving a W202 C240 Mercedes that I had purchased second hand on an online auction. This was the most comfortable car I had ever had the pleasure of owning. I later passed the W202 onto my son, and because I have always had a passion for French cars, I purchased a Renault Lagune dCi II, also cheaply via auction...

2017 Kia Rio SLi review

I'm extremely pleased with the car, but one downfall is the brightness of the display for the air-conditioning controls. There is no adjustment to make it brighter. Also, the car tells you if a door is open or the lights are left on, but get low on fuel and if you don't notice the fuel light or gauge, you're out of luck – there's no audio to beep at you...

2011 Kia Rio S review

Picture this: late 2011, 17-year-old me, six months or so into my first real job, needed an immediate replacement for my terminally unreliable VL Commodore. Unfortunately, living in central west New South Wales has its downsides. In this case, lack of choice regarding new, affordable, reliable cars. I needed something with a warranty and low weekly payments...

2012 Kia Rio S review

The 2012 Kia Rio, it's a good car but it has a major downside, the engine. I got this car from my parents in September 2016 to learn to drive manual, and so far it has been an enjoyable experience considering my car looks like a kitchen appliance. This is the base S five-door model, with a six-speed manual transmission...

2014 Kia Rio SLi Review

This is the second review of my Kia Rio and to give you an idea of the ownership experience I'm doing a 60,000km update. In short, this is a great car. I've experienced only one small hiccup once when it almost stalled, but then it rectified itself. I'm that down to junk in fuel line. I disobeyed my own rule of not letting the tank get low on fuel which can suck up all the crap from the bottom...

2012 Kia Rio S Review

I did not expect to buy a Kia Rio. I went looking for a new Honda Jazz and, even though I liked the Jazz, the Rio presented much better value for money. I have a 5-door in Urban Blue with a six speed manual transmission and a few extras. This is a fun and value packed little car. I drive to work every day through traffic so fuel economy is important to me...

2015 Kia Rio S Review

Spent a lot of time recently researching small cars looking for something for my daughter to buy. Started out looking at second hand Mazda 2 or similar but soon found that if you wanted 6 airbags and stability control you would need to spend more than her 10K budget...

2012 Kia Rio S Review

We bought this Rio on the advertisement and TV ads, plus being car of the year, how it won, don't know, the interior is good, the design is good, the mechanicals, rubbish, as are most dealerships, I have a dealer just 800 meters from our home, but I travel nearly 20 kilometres to a dealership which does a good, honest service, Dandenong Kia...

2014 Kia Rio Si Review

I only give this car a 7.5 overall rating Performance is brilliant but economy is shocking for a 1.6 li even if it is a auto one should obtain better than 10 li per 100kmI am a older careful driver (76) but I am not a slow coach...

2013 Kia Rio SS Review

Purchased in from Stillwell Kia Main North RD SA, sales team are fantastic, servicing has been affordable and a great experience. Great interior and all fit and bits of trim are good quality and are built to last, stereo gets better once worn in. 6 speed manual has a short shift and is very precise, feels very sporty...

2014 Kia Rio Sli Review

Have done 7000ks.Aussie enhanced handling is great, especially on tight bends. A bit more power such as a turbo would make this one of the hottest hatches available Living in the Hornsby area i have taken the advantage of driving the windy bends of the pacific highway.The car revels in these conditions and the fun is limited only by your own driving skills and nerve...

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