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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Review

I have just purchased a brand new Jeep Grande Cherokee Limited. My first ever new car. The car was sold to me by Hunter Chrysler Jeep in Cessnock NSW. Currently, the car has just on 4,000 kms and it has been in the workshop twice, and is going back in again tomorrow...

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Review

This would be the best car ever I have owned, after driving Ford's, Holden's, Toyota's and Mitsubishi's. The comfort and economy is terrific and towing a van the power is fantastic you don't even feel like you are towing anything, as for driving on dusty gravel roads even with the van on I have never had a problem with dust getting in the vehicle and the handling and response has been great on the gravel...

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Review

The jeep is a good luxury car for a reasonable price. The new zf auto it mates well with the diesel that has plenty of torque. Switch it into sports mode and you have a suv that has had a double shot of coffee, it realy feels lively.It might be because on start up it has a default eco mode that is for fuel benefits...

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Review

I have now owned my 2011 Overland for 2 1/2 years and while it's a great car, it has a few aspects that let it down. The first is Jeep Australia. My car has consistently had a significant pull to the left. Three dealers have confirmed this is known and I have emailed and written to Jeep Australia three times and even the US HQ once...

2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Review

Loves to get muddy and dirty, climb rocky hills, cross rivers and tackle everything else chucked its way. There's no other 4x4 to match the performance of a Jeep Wrangler ... only in a Jeep.

2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Review

Never had a problem with my Jeep Wrangler, mechanically or otherwise. It performs just as well on the road as it does four-wheel-driving and on the beach. It's very comfortable inside too, with a great sound system.

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Review

My wife and I love to drive our Jeep Grand Cherokee. Its road manners are excellent and the interior comfort is unparalleled for the money.


My purchase of a brand-new just-superseded 2013 Laredo 5-speed at $45,000 on-road including chrome side-steps was a good deal, and I haven't any complaints about the vehicle's appearance or performance, even though I think the proximity key system is rubbish and there are too many dashboard selections to commit to memory...


This car is very comfortable because I am a regular driver, oh I enjoy the comfort of the driver's seat. The car is good when you do a u-turn and it can handle the road very well. I never thought this SUV could be quick. Oh boy it can go and it is also good on sharp corners, it is also quiet on dirt roads...


After owning 7 MB E-Class and BMW X-5 the Grand Cherokee is great value for money. Under half the price of equivalent Euro vehicles and better than Territory.


I love the flexibility of this car...