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Rugged, reliable and hearty – the Isuzu MU-X ticks all the right boxes. But, how does it fare when it's taken off-road? Paul Maric finds out.
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2017 Isuzu MU-X LS-U (4x4) review

Buying the Isuzu MU-X has been the best decision ever. We upgraded from a 2007 Honda CR-V. Being a diesel mechanic and previously working for an Isuzu ute dealership in a coastal town, I always wanted to buy one. The main reason for buying the Isuzu MU-X was the known reliability of the 3.0-litre TD, and the vehicle is practical from front to back...

2015 Isuzu MU-X LS-U (4x4) Review

Thought I'd put this review up, as the Mu-X was included in the recent comparison test vs Everest, Fortuner, Pajero Sport and Patrol. With a budget of up to $50k, I looked at these (albeit not the Patrol) plus second hand Prado and Pajero. I've had a Pajero for 5 years before this and it's served us well on camping trips and general dirt road touring...

2015 Isuzu MU-X LS-T (4x4) Review

Very comfortable seating, I love the way the back seats fold down flat . The motor a bit noisy around town but not noticeable on long trips, the ride is quite firm. Handles well, with good pickup and ample power on the open road.Good aircon venting throughout the car. Mechanically very reliable no issues, my mechanic services several MU-X's never had a problem with them...

2015 Isuzu MU-X LS-M (4x2) Review

Wow!Love my car !!I drove a long way looking for my new tow car ,did my home work and that's how you get the right car for you.Everyone who test drove my new 2015 Isuzu can not believe how good they feel to drive. This car saved my life ! On a free way going 110 I was faced with a huge 4x4 coming at me on my side of the road...

2015 Isuzu MU-X LS-U (4x4) Review

All I can say is we stepped out of a 2007 Prado which had done 300000 km and was still ok but time to upgrade. We looked at all options, brands and this isuzu mu-x lu came out the best for ride, power to weight ratio and price was perfect for us...

2015 Isuzu MU-X Review

SUV's are far from a new concept. You can travel back in time to World War II and find prominent examples of their ancestors being utilised on both sides of the war. From the Willys Jeep to the trusty Toyota Land Cruiser, there have been numerous examples and incarnations of ways to take the whole family off roading, to tame the outback and conquer the terrain unreachable by regular automobile...

2014 Isuzu MU-X LS-T Review

This was my first brand new car. Went from a 2002 diesel Toyota Prado. Having young kids features are very important as we do lots of driving. This car will get you from A to B comfortably with no problem - but that's all. Customer service is shocking to non-existent, no contact after submitting questions on line, didn't call back when they said they were going to...

2014 Isuzu MU-X LS-T Review

This is a good family 7 Seater SUV. Pros Interior Space Top end model has a Built in DVD and GPS.DVD Player has Dolby surround with excellent Display. GPS is very accurate with multiple features which are very handy Fuel efficiency on road for my car is 8.2lt/100 KMS. Excellent towing Cons Ride not that smooth as higher end SUV Accessories are still an issue...