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2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Elite CRDi Review

Very Good car with the price you paid. Bought this car on April 2014 and I am very Satisfied. I was hoping Santa Fe would do well over 10km/1Litre. It does 10km/1 litre exactly. I live close to Sydney CBD and I do drive a lot during peak hours so I am not complaining. When I first bought the car I was little worried about the noise and the rattle diesel engine would make but I couldn't hear nor feel the vibration...

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Elite CRDi Review

I was initially contemplating an S.U.V after suffering a long troubled ownership of a 2007 V.E Holden sedan . After 6 or so months looking for viable alternatives , " i e " sedans and s u v 's , it was the Mazda Cx5 that booked my interest most after test driving it and a myriad of other vehicles in between...

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