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2008 Hummer H3 review

2008 Hummer H3 review Yes it's big, yes it's yellow, but damn it looks good! CarAdvice rating: Models tested: H3, H3 Luxury Recommended Retail Price: $51,990-$59,990 Options Fitted: None - by Alborz Fallah & Karl Peskett This review is broken up into four parts: Hummer H3 Review City Hummer H3 Review Off-road Hummer H3 Gallery (City) Hummer H3 Gallery (Off-road) Hummer H3 Review (City) The H3 is comparable to a supercar in many ways, it turns just as many heads (if not more), car enthusiasts all have their own views on it and more importantly, environmentalists absolutely hate it, which is a good reason to love the Hummer...

2007 HUMMER H3 Review

2007 HUMMER H3 Review   CarAdvice rating: Recommended Retail Price: $51,990 - $59,990. Options Fitted: None fitted. - by Paul Maric - Photos: John Marx & HUMMER Nine out of ten people pointed their fingers and turned their heads, while the remainder simply shook their heads. This is the type of reaction you can only get with one car, the all new HUMMER H3...

2007 Hummer H3 Review

2007 Hummer H3 First Steer   “If you thought GM’s Hummer H3 was the king of Bling and nothing more – you’d be dead wrong. What this thing can do off road, is downright scary” My old man’s authentic 1942 WW2 Jeep has always been my off-road hero. Many a Sunday afternoon was spent duelling with hard-core beach buggies on Sydney’s once busy Dee Why sand dunes...